Kendall Dodd is a maker and a learner. 

She knits, grows vegetables, sews, tinkers, makes jam, works on her house. She is an educator and an advocate for community-building.

Before founding The Hive, Kendall worked as a youth development specialist and community educator at a non-profit healthcare organization in Bellingham, WA.

Kendall makes for her friends and neighbors, her family, herself and occasionally even for customers in her 67 square foot studio, also known as wrkrm

Kendall Dodd, Founder    
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  Photo ©  Drazen Priganica

Kendall Dodd, Founder

Photo © Drazen Priganica

su·per /ˈso͞opər/ (noun)

1. a superintendent. 2. the foundational structure of a beehive.

The Supers are the guiding advisory group for The Hive. The Supers group meets monthly and Supers spend about 10 hours per month supporting The Hive in a variety of capacities. While active in the group, Supers receive full membership benefits in exchange for their time. 

Interested in getting involved with the Supers group? Email kendall(at)makedolearn(dot)org


Shannon Bachtel is a learner and an upcycler.

Scrap yards excite her because she sees every bit of material as an opportunity for art. She likes to crochet, sew, cook, meditate, make jewelry, and explore the woods in her free time. Shannon recently graduated from Western Washington University and she is a health educator who strongly believes in social support.

By day, Shannon teaches cooking classes to seniors about how to prepare healthy, simple, and affordable meals as an AmeriCorps member with Community Action, a non-profit organization in Mount Vernon, WA.  By night, she relaxes in her den to craft for friends, family, and sometimes for strangers.

Shannon Bachtel, Super (2015)

Shannon Bachtel, Super (2015)


Rich Brown is a home and theatre maker.

At home he designs, gathers, and builds chicken coops, rainwater catch systems, concrete counter tops, patio end tables and much more. In theaters around the world he teaches, acts, directs, and devises new works.

Rich is convinced that producing rather than simply consuming is the key to self-worth and self-trust and he is excited about the cross-pollination of ideas that will occur in a makers' space like The Hive.  

He wonders, If places like Portland, Seattle, Eugene and Missoula have makers' spaces, shouldn't Bellingham?

Rich Brown, Super (2014)

Rich Brown, Super (2014)


Lindsey Gerhard is a designer and an explorer. 

She loves typography, paper, patterns, and nature. From creating her own papers from grasses and flowers, to completing the search for the perfect font, Lindsey is intrigued by everything about words, pictures, and the stories they tell. She believes that music makes the world go round, and that creating is always more fun with a great soundtrack.

As the Marketing Manager for Pickford Film Center, downtown Bellingham’s only independent cinema, Lindsey is constantly gleaning inspiration from the endless variety of topics highlighted in films. The rotating door of fascinating stories allows her to connect with many facets of the community while also enabling her to be a perpetual learner.

Pickford Film Center 

Lindsey Gerhard, Super (2015)

Lindsey Gerhard, Super (2015)


Jenni Johnson is a paper crafter and an eager learner. 

She writes, practices embroidery and sewing by hand, paints, and creates collage and other art using paper from discarded books and magazines.

Jenni works as the SkillShare Coordinator at the Bellingham Public Library and is eager to create space for community connection, collaboration and creativity. She is raising two kids and enjoys teaching and learning with them daily. 


Jenni Johnson, Super (2015)

Jenni Johnson, Super (2015)


Lindsay Tucker is a thinker who tinkers.

She is a former competitive cyclist who enjoys tools and wheeled machines. She is also recovering from a career in molecular biology by way of pursuing a degree in computer science.

Lindsay uses creative exploits like photography, jewelry making, learning to play musical instruments, scratch cooking, gardening, and sewing to balance out her techy left-brainedness. 

Lindsay is inspired by trash and things found in nature.

More about Lindsay here.

Lindsay Tucker, Super (2014)

Lindsay Tucker, Super (2014)


Deanna Zipp is a maker and a connector.

Deanna is inspired by learning from and collaborating with others. Often, it is the process that is most appealing to her, whether she is making paper crafts, knitting, pickling produce or putting up jam. She appreciates thoughtful design and always strives to incorporate it into her own creations.

Deanna Zipp, Super (2015)

Deanna Zipp, Super (2015)