Wear clothes you can work in safely and that you won’t mind getting dusty or dirty. We ask that our members wear closed-toed shoes or boots, tie back long hair, and avoid wearing loose or drapey clothing (like scarves) especially when working with power tools. The Hive is in a warehouse that can be challenging to heat/cool evenly, which makes layering a good choice as well.


We welcome younger makers, however The Hive is not a place for small children. Young people of middle school age (approximately 11-14 y.o.) are welcome at The Hive if they are under the supervision of an adult at all times. Young people of high school age (approximately 14-18 y.o.) may work independently at The Hive with family permission. Shop tool sign-off is limited to people aged 18+. Bellingham already has many wonderful resources for making and crafting with younger children - check our resources page for some suggestions.


Take and use your fair share of things, no more, no less. Need a few pieces of duct tape or a couple of nails? Please help yourself to whatever’s in the free bins! Making a duct tape wallet or a sculpture entirely out of nails? Please bring your own materials!


We will always strive to have the tools you need to do the projects you want to do, but we are not able to guarantee availability. Our tool collection is always evolving as we acquire new things and let go of broken or unpopular tools. Tools may also be in use by other members, out for repair or no longer on loan to The Hive. If you have your heart set on using a certain tool while you're at The Hive, call to inquire about availability. Checking our reservation system is another good way to get an idea about what's going on at The Hive on a given day.


Making is messy. We expect our members to help keep all surfaces, floors, sinks, and tools clean and maintained. This may occasionally mean cleaning something that you did not mess up in the first place. No, this doesn’t feel great. But it’s a hopefully rare occurrence that we can all work together to avoid. The Hive will stay in great shape if each and every one of us makes a commitment to break down and put away everything that we get out and set up.


You are always welcome to parallel park in front of The Hive’s garage door for active loading or unloading. Please move your car to a parking space when you are finished.

We also expect our members to be courteous to our neighbors when parking. Please do not block loading areas or garage doors or park in the reserved spaces for nearby businesses like Trico, Conservation Northwest, The Upfront Theater, The Max Higbee Center or 3 Oms Yoga.

During typical business hours (Mon-Fri, 9-5) there is no free parking near The Hive. Metered street parking or The Parkade, which is 2 blocks away, are good options, and there are a few 8-hour meters on Commercial Street that cost $0.25/hr.

Evenings and weekends: Members of The Hive may park in the gravel spaces next to our building. Additionally, all metered street parking and The Parkade are free after 5pm and all weekend long.


Dogs are welcome at The Hive, however, we hold our canine companions to the same high standards that we expect of our members. Dogs at The Hive must be community-minded, highly aware of their surroundings, and able to contribute to the overall calm, productive atmosphere. If your dog is easily startled by random loud noises, strange smells or is very eager and curious about new people, s/he probably doesn’t belong here. Dogs are never allowed in the shop area. If there are issues that arise with your dog at The Hive, we will ask you to take her/him home. 


The Hive does not allow the use of alcohol*, tobacco or other intoxicants on its premises. This includes the use of vaporizers/e-cigarettes. If a member arrives at The Hive intoxicated, s/he may be asked to leave if her/his current condition is a source of danger or disruption, either to her/himself or to others.

*From time to time The Hive will host a special event where alcohol is served. The use of alcohol will be allowed for those people age 21+ who are participating in the event, and only at the time of the event.


Stow items like bags and jackets in lockers or in other places where they won’t interfere with your or others’ work.


The Hive Supers group (our advisory board) considers member suggestions at their quarterly meetings. Suggestions may be given in person as well as emailed or submitted through our web contact form.