Crafters. Artists. Artisans. Creatives. 

Photographers. Seamstresses. Printmakers. Woodworkers. Painters. Knitters. Blacksmiths. Quilters.


Those of us who find solace, fulfillment, completion, calm when working with our hands are not a new kind of people. Neither is a culture of making a new phenomenon. But the maker/DIY (do-it-yourself) movement is certainly experiencing a renaissance right now. 

Perhaps it is our immersion in the screen-based world that causes us to seek out more tangible pursuits and points of connection. Perhaps it is our newfound knowledge of the fragility of our economic well-being that leads us to simpler hobbies centered around self-reliance and reuse. Perhaps it is youth culture driving forward a social paradigm that helps them to differentiate themselves from the adults who raised them.

Whatever the reason, and they are myriad, maker culture is playing a noteworthy role in communities of all sizes around the U.S., and The Hive is honored to join the conversation.

Here are some links to a few of the other maker-centric projects from whom The Hive has drawn inspiration. We are very grateful to the founders and staff of these organizations for sharing their stories, struggles and wisdom throughout the research phase of this project. 

ADX (Portland, OR)

The Crucible (Oakland, CA)

The Open Bench Project (Portland, ME)

Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle, WA)

SCRAP (Portland, OR) 

Workshop (San Francisco, CA)

Zootown Arts Community Center (Missoula, MT)