As our seemingly endless summer gave way to crisp air, cool nights, and that long, gold afternoon light, The Hive was undergoing a transformation as well. We are excited to announce the official launch of our brand new collaboration with the savvy scholars at The Bureau of Historical Investigation where we now have a pop-up space in the back room of their irresistible downtown shop. 

As many of you who have followed our story from its first chapter may remember, The Hive was launched as an experiment in creating a community making space, and we have been growing, shifting, learning and adjusting the scope and scale of the project since announcing our launch almost two years ago. 

Throughout the course of the project, we have consistently turned to our supporters for feedback, both formally and informally, and our over-arching goal has been to remain agile enough to adjust our trajectory in response to our community's ideas. By intentionally choosing this path of full-scale sketching, we are able to say yes to opportunities like our collaboration with The Bureau when they arise. The Hive, if it is doing its job well, will always strive to fill an empty space in our community puzzle, having shaped its edges to align with other projects, efforts and endeavors without overlapping or leaving too many gaps.

So, The Hive is now happily perched in our cozy new space for the fall and holiday season, and we are offering a wide range of classes, workshops and meetups for makers of all skill levels. Learn a new technique like block printing or wet felting, use a bit of positive pressure to DIY your holiday gifts and cards at one of our casual Sunday crafternoons or simply indulge in one of our other crafty offerings to help keep the gloomy fall blues at bay.

And while there are always mixed feelings when closing a chapter of any endeavor, we couldn't be more excited about the possibilities in store for us this season.