I'm not actually scientist, but you wouldn't know it from how often I use one of my favorite exclamations, "It's for science!" I could be baking bread, mixing drinks, planting seeds, making pickles, working on a house project or crafting, but I see a comment element that connects all of these activities and for brevity's sake, I call it science. It's the process of thinking of an idea or technique, trying it, making mistakes, trying again, likely making more mistakes and still going for it, all the while collecting data in the service of refining outcomes and building skills.

One of the biggest science projects I've ever worked on is The Hive. It's a huge experimental sketch in full-scale. It's a way to test the theory that Bellingham needs a place for people who don't have access to the tools or space they need to work on projects, DIYs, or repairs and is just as risky, scary, exhilarating and rewarding as one might expect such a project to be.

We've had our doors open for about six months now, and every day we are learning, connecting, correcting our course and moving forward. Right now that means we are going to test the idea of focusing almost exclusively on classes, workshops and demos - people love them and we want to offer more of what people love. We'll still have open workshop time too, now by appointment only, so if you have a project that you've been meaning to get after, contact us and we'll set up a time. 

The end of summer can be a great time to let the rules slide a little bit and follow our passions to festivals, into the wilderness...or just down to the end of an alley to take one of our ideas and make it real.