Food Truck

A food truck is an ideal model for a grassroots startup: straightforward, manageable, focused, responsive, and mobile. Both a fully realized entity and a starting point for a larger project. As The Hive has developed to this point, the food truck has been a major guiding principal, and, except for the part where we don’t have actual wheels under the floor, and also that we don’t sell food, I’m proud to say that I think we’ve done it.

In its current incarnation, The Hive is agile, movable, adaptable and experimental. We can respond, turn on a dime, pop-up, participate, shape and be shaped. Being like a food truck also means that there are probably going to be times when we (figuratively) run out of food and have to close early. Or decide to completely overhaul the menu. Or are short-staffed. Or have one of those days when things go perfectly, incredibly, just as we planned.

We’ve found a great place to park for the next few months. We’re lifting up the canopy and putting out the sandwich boards. And as for what happens next, that’s up to you. I hope to look out and see a bunch of hungry people, ready to get to work.


Photo credit: Aaron Apple