One year ago today I floated a fragile little soap-bubble of an idea out into the world. I would work to make a place where people could go and have access to space and tools so they could make things, fix things, tinker, create, make art, whatever. It’s basically my dream job, to work at a place like this, and we didn’t have one in Bellingham, so I decided to try to make it myself. Which is…if I weren’t standing where I am now, looking back at how far I have traveled, I would never have believed you if you told me where I’d be today back when I pressed ‘send’ on that first email announcement to family and friends.

Throughout this journey, you and I have talked about making stuff. About the value of taking a more hands-on approach to life. About the challenges of being a start-up entrepreneur in Bellingham. About how much a place like The Hive is needed in our community. About how risky it is to let people use the table saw. And besides helping me talk this idea into reality, you have generously offered your financial support, your tools, and hours and hours of your time.

Today I am proud to say that because of the work we've done so far, The Hive is actually a place, with walls and a roof, desks, workbenches, sinks, lockers and a door that opens...that’s about to be open 5 days a week, ready and waiting for you to use it and love it and make messes and make a community.

As to what happens now, I don’t actually know. We are going to figure it out together. What I do know is that it’s really happening. And that’s not nothing.