Thoughts from a Field

The things we make hold a small piece of the maker within them - birthday cards, sweaters, coffee mugs, poems, houses. The results of our making can be ephemeral, although objects often linger, outstaying and even outliving us. 

The sky has suddenly cleared and sun now drenches the grass. We sit overlooking a barn and the woods beyond. We are remembering a man - a father, a husband, a friend, a brother, an uncle, a grandfather, a mentor and a maker. The mark of his hands is on the fields, the deck boards, the rafters, the bird feeders, the fences, the foundations, the leaded glass windows, the kitchen countertops. His presence is palpable and surrounding. Hummingbirds hover; a deer darts through the underbrush.

This man lived well and made well; those of us who had the good fortune to know him will continue to find him in his made objects and in our hearts. He is greatly missed.

For John (Jake) Leedy.