Here and Now

Please let me be the first to say that The Hive is not a new or unique organizational model. It is, however, a model whose time has come for Bellingham - an artistic and creative community that supports local culture of all kinds - food, activism, education, outdoor pursuits, arts.

Having lived here for close to a decade, I see that there is a piece missing from our community puzzle. There are many ways for people to pursue their creative endeavors more professionally in Bellingham - vibrant studio spaces and collectives, monthly art walks, craft markets. There are also many venues for those who want to learn new skills - local businesses, guilds, the community college. But there is not a place for people who simply want to make.

Often we live in homes that are too small to dedicate space to making. We might even downplay the importance making to the point where we've thrown all our supplies into a box and shoved it to the back of the closet. Our busy lives make it difficult to imagine setting aside the time to work on our projects, let alone the time to clean and prepare an area where that work can happen.

I consider myself lucky to have a dedicated space in my home where I can work on projects. I love holing up in my tiny workroom, listening to music and making. I also know that working alone can be just that - lonely. There is alchemy in sharing a workspace with others. Collaboration both intentional and not. The way we draw inspiration from those around us even if we never exchange a word.

I'm founding The Hive so I can work there. I hope you'll join me.

Photo credit: Buff Black