I started to take the idea of founding The Hive seriously while I was in Spain last fall helping to teach English at a friend's school. Laura was a generous host and an unfailing conversational companion as I began to talk The Hive into existence. We knew that finding the right name would give shape to the culture of the organization as well as helping to galvanize support for the project.

One sun-drenched afternoon, chatting and driving through the Costa Blanca in Laura's convertible Mini, we were struggling to move on from a name idea that was already taken. We were in love with it, we couldn't let go of it, we were totally stuck. Nothing good was coming to mind and each new idea seemed more laughably terrible than the last.

Stopped at an intersection, she turned to me and said, "What about something with bees?" which immediately triggered the leap from bees to beehive to hive. The Hive. A butterfly flitted past. The light turned green and we were off.

Beehives are active places. Busy. Vibrant. Alive. Ever-changing. They connote collectivism and common purpose. Transformation. Compartmentalization that exists as a part of a larger whole. Work. Community.

I can't wait to make The Hive a reality. 

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