The Question

"What would you do if you could do anything?"  

I'm pretty confident that we all ask ourselves The Question (as I have come to think of it) at some point...and The Question seems to be a fairly common topic in social settings. Anytime I've come face-to-face with The Question, I've demurred, dodged, told half truths.  I have almost always found a way to change the subject as soon as possible...yes, even when asking myself!  

I find The Question particularly challenging because we live in a culture where we define ourselves by our work (usually the 'do' in The Question often means 'do for a job') and my employment history has been somewhat unfocused. I have earned a living as a florist, a file clerk, a telemarketer, a tutor, a substitute teacher, a farmer, a bookkeeper, a shop assistant, a seamstress, a designer, an adjunct instructor, an executive assistant, a community service representative, an outreach coordinator, a community health educator and a youth development specialist. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed all of these jobs while also finding each of them lacking in some way...mostly because in order to be successful in any one of these positions I needed to let some of my interests wither while over-indulging others.  

And then, about three months ago, the answer to The Question arrived simply, without fuss or commotion.  I would start a makerspace in my community of Bellingham, WA.  

So we begin.