It's Happening. It's Really Happening.

The Hive is real. And it's time to celebrate!

This is a huge week for The Hive. We have 2 days left to reach our goal of $27k in seed money to get our doors open.

Most importantly, our campaign hit the halfway point and TILTED, which means that from here on out, The Hive gets to keep every dollar that's invested by our community of backers. 

Want to join us? Here's how:

Between now and Saturday, our goal is to drive that number as high as we possibly can. As one Hive collaborator put it:

I get it. Pledging for overhead costs such as rent, build out, etc, isn't that exciting. But from today until THIS SATURDAY, every pledge increases the QUALITY of the offerings at The Hive. Pledge $25 and we add a stapler that a Hive member will use to reupholster a beloved chair. Pledge $50 and we add another cordless screw gun that a woman will use to build a picnic table for her family. Pledge $100 and we add a second circular saw so members don't have to wait for the other one to be available. Pledge $500 and we put your name all over the space. You get the idea.

Don't miss your chance! Make a pledge. Get a membership. MAKE-DO-LEARN at The Hive. Simple as that.

And please come celebrate with us on Saturday!

Thank you. We are ever grateful for your support.